Dutfield’s Yard

Here are some mock-ups of the Berner Street 3D model I’m working on at the moment. The intention once it’s finished is to create a video walk-thru sort of like someone holding a cine camera and walking from the corner of Berner Street (the cartwheel photo) right into Dutfield’s Yard. The silent ‘cine film’ will explore the yard as if the camera holder is walking around the scene (hopefully).

For now hereĀ is a mock-up shot. It shows the interior of Dutfield’s Yard from the exact camera angle as the newly discovered Phil https://buycbdproducts.com Dutfield’s Yard Photo which I can’t show as a comparison as it is under copyright.

Dutfield's Yard

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  1. Great stuff Richardh.
    I can’t seem to open the link to the walkthrough of Miller’s Court.
    I used to be able to access it, but I’m getting the message “404 page not found”.
    Is there a new link that I can use?


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